Sensodyne Rapid Action Toothpaste 75ml

  • معجون أسنان سنسوداين مفعول سريع 75 مل
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    Sensodyne Rapid Action Toothpaste 75 mL:

    Sensodyne Rapid Action contains strontium which acts to create a mineral-like seal over the surface of the dentine and within the microscopic channels. This prevents stimulus from reaching the nerve. Twice daily brushing provides long lasting protection from sensitivity. Also the fluoride helps to protect and strengthen teeth.

    • Sensitivity relief
    • Lasting sensitivity protection
    • With Flouride for cavity protection

    How to use:

    • Brush twice daily and not more than three times, minimise swallowing and spit out
    • For rapid relief, first squeeze a pea sized amount of product on to a clean finger tip
    • Gently rub on to the base of the sensitive tooth for 1 minute a maximum of two times per day
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