Curasept Ads 712 Gel Toothpaste 75 Ml

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Curasept ADS 712 Gel Toothpaste 75 mL:

This toothpaste comes in the form of a gel rather than a paste; the gel sooths the gums, teeth and tissue and prevents abrasion and irritation. The toothpaste contains 0.05 % Chlorhexidine gluconate to protect and treat gums; it also contains 0.05% fluoride to combat bacteria. The toothpaste is extremely effective defense against tooth cavities.

  • Curasept chlorhexidine products are alcohol free
  • Curasept toothpastes are SLS free
  • Recommended for daily use
  • Ideal for people with orthodontic appliances, implants and with problems with the periodontal tissue who are exposed to higher risk of caries.

Key Ingredients:

  • Contains 0.12 % chlorhexidine digluconate and 0.05 % sodium fluoride

How to use:

  • Use daily or as directed by your dental professional.
  • Please read the instructions carefully before use.


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