Corega Ultra Denture Fixative Cream 40 G

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Corega Ultra Denture Fixative Cream 40 g:

Corega Ultra is a denture fixative cream which holds dentures for 12 hours. Fixative cream gives you the reassurance that your denture will not slip, with strong all day hold.

  • Helps cushion gums and prevents irritating food particles from becoming trapped under your denture plate
  • Allows you to enjoy of your favorite foods, speak with ease, and laugh with confidence
  • Denture fixative cream, even for well fitting dentures
  • Strong all day hold
  • Zinc free

How to use:

  • Wash and dry the dental prosthesis
  • Apply cream in small strips, not too close to the edges
  • Rinse the mouth before putting the prosthesis
  • Put the prosthesis correctly in the mouth, press firmly and bite for some seconds for safety
  • For removal, make a mouthful of water, slowly remove the prosthesis by moving it back and forth
  • Remove the product residues from the prosthesis and the mouth with warm water and a soft brush
  • When used for the first time, apply a small amount by placing more if necessary, excessive adhesive may cause overflow, in this case, apply less next time


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