Luderma Plus 3 Cream 50ml

  • لوديرما بلس 3 كريم 50 مل
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    Luderma Plus 3 Cream 50ml

    To offer you a naturally even tone that helps your skin look even brighter, Luderma Plus Cream No:4 is an advanced brightening cream with a special formula. If any of the substances make you sensitive, do not use. Daily Depigmenting Cream lessens hyperchromias, sun spots, melasma, drug-induced hyperpigmentation, and post-inflammation (acne) hyperpigmentation. In addition, because it smoothes the skin, it improves dull, uneven tone.

    How to use

    • Use the recommended amount, once or twice daily, covering all areas of skin that are dark.
    • Avoid getting the cream in your eyes or on nearby skin.
    • Apply the lotion with a cotton bud, and then thoroughly cleanse your hands both before and after.
    • For at least a few hours after application, refrain from contacting the treated area against anyone else’s skin.


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