Luderma Plus 2 Cream 50ml

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Luderma Plus 2 Cream 50ml

The advanced brightening Luderma Plus 2 cream has a special recipe to give you a naturally balanced tone and make your skin appear even brighter. If any of the substances are intolerable to you, don’t use. Daily Depigmenting Cream lessens hyperchromias, sun spots, melasma, drug-induced hyperpigmentation, and post-inflammation (acne) hyperpigmentation. It also contrasts a dull, uneven tone thanks to its smoothing action.

How To use:

  • Use the recommended amount, once or twice daily, covering all of the discolored skin.
  • Avoid getting any cream in your eyes or on the skin around it.
  • Use a cotton bud to administer the cream, or thoroughly cleanse your hands before and after doing so.
  • After application, stay away from touching the treated region against anyone else’s skin for at least a few hours.


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