Oral-B Essential Mint Floss?is ideal to complement your daily oral hygiene. Reaching where your brush can’t, this dental floss can provide a superior cleansing. It can remove both plaque and particles in hard-to-reach areas. With its light wax coating and its shred-resistant texture, it is easy to insert and slide between the teeth being comfortable and practical to use. With a mint flavor, it will provide you a feeling of both freshness and cleanliness.


Oral-B Essential Mint Floss?has the following characteristics:

  • Can remove both plaque and particles of areas your brush can’t reach;
  • Is easy to insert and slide between the teeth;
  • Comfortable, practical to use and resistant to shredding;
  • Has a mint flavor.

How to use

Wrap 2 inches of?Oral-B Essential Mint Floss?around your middle fingers. Gently slide the floss between your teeth until the gum line. Shorten the floss to come into contact with as much tooth surface as possible and gently move the floss up and down. Use a fresh section of floss for each tooth.


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