Solis Capsules

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Solis Capsules

Solis: The natural Beauty formula. The 4 S: Shiny- Smooth- Strong and the Sun. All factors for healthy shining long hair, beautiful smooth skin, strong fingernails and even protection from harmful U.V. are found in Solis. There is no product like Solis. Hair loss, dry skin and brittle finger nails are not a medical conditions or diseases on their own. These are reflections of other medical conditions that affects the body and showed themselves to us as Hair loss, dry skin and brittle nails. Thus treatment should start from within the body. But what are the underlying conditions that affects the beauty Iron and Vit B deficiency anemia ‚ Peripheral circulation issues- micro nutrition deficiencies ‚ Hormonal imbalance- Stress- Trauma and Genetic factors are the most known causes. Solis is hear to help you out of most of these factors. Solis contains over 26 ingredients to support your beauty and health. Not only will Solis give you the needed vitamins, minerals and amino acids and essential oils, but it will also improve your blood circulation and even protect you from exposure to Harmful Sun light ( U.V. bands).



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