Priorin Shampoo for Oily Hair 200ml

Priorin shampoo for oily hair contains useful plant ingredients that revitalize and strengthen the structure of the hair to offer you gorgeous, healthy hair. The shampoo provides natural care that strengthens and nourishes while gently caring for, cleaning and revitalizing lackluster hair to give you desired volume and shine. This shampoo’s potent recipe is composed of carefully selected organic components. Our shampoo includes millet extract, which is good for calming the scalp and nourishing the hair, as well as glycoproteins, a plant component that helps to strengthen and nourish. Additionally, the shampoo contains crucial amino acids derived from apple juice, which are gentle on the scalp components that strengthen hair structure and revive hair beauty. Vitamin B5, which has moisturizing effects and helps with adequate hair nourishment, is also a component in Priorin shampoo. For oily hair, Priorin revitalizing shampoo can be used every day. It also comes in a version designed exclusively for regular and dry hair. After repeated application, hair that appears lifeless and flat has more volume and appears thicker and fuller.

Priorin shampoo stimulates and rejuvenates weak hair and is suitable for everyday use.

How to use

  • Using a gentle scalp massage, shampoo your hair. Give foam two to three minutes to work, then thoroughly rinse. Repeat.


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