Pic Insupen Insulin Needles 31G 5Mm 100’S

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Pic Insupen Insulin Needles 31G 5mm 100’s:

Pic Insupen Insulin Needles is with thin wall and wide internal diameter means the flow of insulin is faster, reducing the injection time overall. The needle is with triple sharpening and a lubricating treatment to ensure easier surface penetration, smooth flow into the skin and an overall reduction in pain.

  • Sterile, disposable pen needles
  • Compatible with pen injectors
  • With the Indolor Experience Pain free technology
  • Needles all use Extreme geometry: long, narrow angles for a less painful injection
  • The needle point has also had an anti-friction treatment applied
  • which helps it to glide into insulin cartridges, meaning fewer fragments overall
  • Shortening injection time

How to use:

  • Kinldy refer to the instructions¬† in the box


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