Pharmamed Almond Baby Skin Care Cream 150ml

The Pharmamed Almond Baby Skin Care Cream is used for baby skin care and protection. Diaper rash can be treated and prevented with almond baby skincare products

  • كريم العناية ببشرة الأطفال من فارماميد باللوز 150 مل
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    Pharmamed Almond Baby Skin Care Cream 150ml

    Pharmamed almond baby skin care cream is used in skin care and protection of sensitive baby skin. The formula in the cream contributes to antioxidant defenses well suited for the prevention of nappy rash dermatitis, the active ingredients stimulate healing processes. Intensive protection for delicate baby skin After applying a thin layer the ointment helps skin regeneration but still allows the skin to breathe, which additionally speeds up the recovery process. Pharmamed almond baby cream does not contain any irritating substances such as colors, artificial fragrances, or preservatives, which makes it suitable for babies. It can also help reddened and chapped skin. This cream is not only a treatment for red and sore baby skin, caused by wet nappies but also makes a great addition to a daily care routine, helping to prevent the appearance of nappy rash. The substances found in this cream gently regenerate dry, aching skin and help to keep the skin moisturized for longer.

    Key Elements:

    • Safeguards against harmful environmental influences.
    • Forms a protective film against dryness and irritation, non-occlusive.
    • Easy to apply and readily absorbed.
    • Water-in-oil emulsion

    How to use:

    • A thin layer of the cream should be applied to the baby?s clean, dry bottom at every nappy change, especially at bedtime when the nappy is usually on for the longest during the night.
    • Pharmamed almond baby skin care cream helps protect against nappy rash and gently aids natural skin healing if the nappy rash is already present.


    • Almond oil.
    • Zinc oxide
    • Lanolin
    • Liquid paraffin
    • White vaseline (Petrolatum)
    • Talc, Perfume vanilla, Purified water.


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