Omron M3 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor:

The OMRON M3 gives you fast, easy and accurate measurements. It can detect irregular heartbeat during your usual blood pressure monitoring. It also can store data for 2 separate users, enabling you to track individual readings and trends.

  • Fully automatic blood pressure monitor
  • Large easy-to-read display
  • Quick, comfortable and accurate measurement
  • One-button operation: simple, quick and easy to use
  • Irregular heartbeat detection

How to use:

  • Please read the instruction manual carefully before use.
  • The first measurement should be in the morning before eating ortakingany medications, and the second in the evening.
  • Eachtimeyoumeasure,taketwo or three readings to make sure your results are accurate. Your doctor might recommendtakingyourblood pressureat the sametimeseach day.


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