Omron C801 Compressor Nebulizer Promo

The Omron C801 Reusable Nebulizer Kit is compatible with the Omron NE-C801 Nebulizer System. This kit includes an angled mouthpiece that allows you to sit back and relax during nebulizer treatments. This nebulizer produces particles as fine as 5 um MMD, and assures optimum absorption even in the narrow branches of the lower airways. Comes standard with Omron NE-C801 Nebulizer System. This nebulizer kit is top rack dishwasher safe and should be replaced every 6 months.

  • Nebulise liquid medication and inhale for effective home treatment of airway conditions such as colds, asthma and bronchitis
  • Fast and effective: Delivers medication directly to the site of illness resulting in reduced side-effects
  • High nebulisation rate and good particle size for easier inhalation; great for chronic conditions and young children
  • Light, very silent (46db), compact and easy to clean device with adult and child mask

How to use

  • Please study the commands guide cautiously earlier than use.
  • To wash your nebulizer kit, use hot water and a neutral detergent or wash in a dishwasher. To disinfect, use chemical disinfectants (please refer to manual for details) boiling for 10-30 minutes.


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