Noreva Iklen+ Perfect Sublim Serum Depigmenting Anti-Wrinkle Care Serum 30ml

  • Noreva Iklen+ سيروم بيرفكت سبليم لإزالة التصبغات والعناية المضادة للتجاعيد 30 مل
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    Noreva Iklen Perfect Sublim Serum Depigmenting Anti-Wrinkle Care Serum 30ml

    Hyperpigmentation treatment that has 89% improvement in people with melasma. This serum is rich in active ingredients with anti-hyperpigmentation and anti-aging action. The skin becomes even and protected against oxidative stress even in situations of lentigo melasma hormonal pigmentation and acne scars. With fine and non greasy texture is ideal to correct and shade spots to reduce wrinkles and even the complexion of the face hands and dcollet.

    How to use:

    • Apply morning and evening to the hyperpigmented areas before applying usual skin care (day or night cream make-up).
    • Apply softly without rubbing (friction enhances the overproduction of melanin).
    • It is recommended that you use Iklen Serum for 8 – 12 weeks.
    • Add a high sun protection during sun exposure (minimum SPF 30).


    • Sophora-alpha Rucinol.
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