Maxon Max 100 Cream 50ml

This cutting-edge cream provides a new level of high-level sun protection with an SPF of 50.
Max100 makes use of the remarkable power of chronoprotection technology, a cutting-edge sun protection system with filters that gradually activate as the sun’s rays pass through them. It is the best sunscreen since it consistently and effectively protects against the ageing and blistering effects of UVA and UVB rays.


How To Use:

  • Apply ample sunscreen, as necessary. Use one ounce to cover your entire body as a general rule.
  • Use on all areas of your body that are exposed to the sun, such as the backs of your knees and thighs as well as your ears, back, and shoulders.
  • Apply liberally and completely.
  • Be cautious when using sunblock.
  • Apply sunscreen about 30 minutes before going outside to give your skin time to absorb it and make it less likely to wash off as you perspire.
  • Reapply sunscreen immediately after swimming or engaging in intense activity.
  • If you work outside, be sure to often apply sunscreen during the day and to wear caps and other protective clothes.


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