Maxon Hydramax Cream 60ml

This rich daily moisturizer restores hydration and deeply nourishes dry skin to leave you looking fresh-faced and radiant. This luscious cream restores parched, dry, and weather-beaten complexions with a potent blend of emollients and hydrating substances. It envelops irritable, dry skin, inhibits the progression of dryness and undesirable wrinkles, and leaves it surprisingly soft to the touch. The skin gets more bright and silky with continued use. Ideal for dry skin and recurring dryness.


  • Enriched with a powerful blend of emollients and moisturizing ingredients.
  • It protects sensitive, dry skin and halts the progression of dryness and undesirable wrinkles.
  • The best choice for dry skin and seasonal dryness.

How to use

  • On cleansed skin, apply evenly in morning and evening, use before of applying sunscreen and cosmetics.
    For external use only.


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