Louis Widmer Remederm Silver Repair Cream 75ml

  • كريم الإصلاح الفضي من لويس ويدمر ريميدرم، 75 مل
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    Louis Widmer Remederm Silver Repair Cream 75 mL:

    Louis Widmer Remederm Silver Repair Cream was developed especially for extremely dry, irritated and red skin areas. Extremely dry and irritated skin can no longer ideally protect itself, which results in increased itching and minor inflammations. It alleviates irritations, restores the skin’s barrier function, normalises cells affected by hardening and prevents skin-damaging germs from spreading. Contains Silver, soothes irritation, Vitamin A normalises cells affected by hardening, Vitamin E neutralises damaging free radicals, Panthenol soothes irritated skin and Carbamide has a moisturising effect. Borage oil is rich in gamma linolenic acids, which reduce skin irritations and normalise scaling of the skin. The water/oil emulsion is well tolerated and does not contain any perfume or colourants.

    • Relief for extremely dry, irritated and reddened skin patches
    • Silver soothes irritation
    • Urea has an intensive moisturizing effect
    • With natural borage oil, rich in gamma linolenic acid and soothes irritation

    Key ingredients:

    • vitamin a3000 iu/g vitamin e1 % panthenol2 % carbamide3 % borage oil1 % silver0.1 % jojoba oil1.5 % biostimulants (amino acid complex)5 % dermatological effect

    How to use:

    • Massage into the affected areas of skin once or twice a day.



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