Keto Ketoconazole Soap 100 G

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Keto Ketoconazole Soap 100 g

Keto soap is a medicated antifungal soap containing Ketoconazole. It is used to treat superficial fungal and yeast infections. Fungal infections are very common because we are surrounded by fungi around us in the environment and they are part of the natural flora of our skin. Certain activities can lead to an outgrowth of them and that can lead to fungal infections. Ketoconazole present in Keto soap works by inhibiting the synthesis of certain chemicals in fungal and thus inhibits their growth. Keto soap is a medicated soap. Hence, it should not be used for the regular purpose or in the absence of fungal infection. Fungal infections are contagious. Thus, they can pass from one side of the body to the other. You should not share your soap with anyone as they can also pass from person to person through direct skin contact, clothes or contact with contaminated surfaces or objects.



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