Just For Men Mustache And Beard Medium Brown Brush In Color Gel

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The Just for Men Moustache & Beard Color Gel is formulated for easy brush-in which helps eliminate dull grey beard in just 5 minutes. Look well-groomed and gentlemanly with fuller facial hair due to complete gray beard coverage. This ammonia less formulation is created to penetrate even the coarsest facial hair. Ultra long lasting blend helps in retaining the beard color you want for a longer duration of time. Created for multiple uses.
Storage Condition
Store in a cool & dry place
Brand Message
Just for Men is an American-based multi-national men’s care brand focusing on hair color, beard care, and hair re-growth designed for and marketed to men and manufactured by Combe Incorporated. Just for Men hair color brands are designed to color gray hair, with the Control Gx and Touch of Gray product lines providing options for gradual hair coloring. Just For Men comes in over 12 shades ranging from Sandy Blond to Jet Black.

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