Joelle Paris So White Kit

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Joelle Paris So White Kit:

Joelle Paris Sow White sow kit consist of serum , eye contour , face cream is a unique combination of active ingredients that will give new radiance to your complexion with this refreshingly light dual-action whitening serum that melts into the skin to reduce pigmentation while leaving it silky smooth This serum has a nourishing and refreshing formula, which increases the attractiveness, radiance and shine of your face This serum treats spots and facial pigments and gives you a smooth and silky skin texture

    • Maximises Cellular Renewal To Prevent And Reduce The Appearance Of Dark Spots
    • Reveal Even-Toned Skin And Boost Moisture Levels
    • Enriched with cutting-edge brightening technology

Skin Whitening and Brightening Kit

    • Step 1: So White Serum 

With its blend of skin-brightening ingredients, the So White serum maximizes cellular renewal to prevent and reduce the appearance of dark spots, reveal even-toned skin, and boost moisture levels

    • Step 2: So White Eye an eye contour 

Protect, hydrate, and brighten the eyes by inhibiting the appearance of pigmentation and dark circles to instantly revive dull and tired eyes

    • Step 3: So White Face Cream

The Whitening Cream gives a new radiance to the skin while melting into the skin to inhibit the melanin production and reduce the skin pigmentation leaving it silky and smooth

    • So White Line Benefit 

The So White Kit provides a whiter and brighter skin by removing existing pigmentation and dead skin and stopping its reappearance

How To Use:

    • Check the product leaflet for directions of use


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