Ivory caps Vitamin C Brightening Plus Capsules 60’s

Developed to enhance the effectiveness of skin brightening by providing nutritional support though a unique blend of highly bio-available Vitamin C from several sources along with proven antioxidants, herbs and vitamins commonly used to benefit skin brightening.

How to use:

  • For maximum results, take 2 capsules a day for the first 3 months,? divided into 3 times a day.
  • Then reduce the dose to stabilize the white and bright results, so take 2 capsules per day along with normal regimen.
  • Use in conjunction with Ivory Caps Pills whitening oral capsule.
  • Best used after breakfast.
  • Make sure that you drink enough water every day (over 2 liters) for Vitamin C to be fully dissolved and absorbed into the body.


  • Vitamins C 1000mg, Bearberry Extract, Lemon Extract, Grapefruit Extract, Malic Acid, Niacinamide.



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