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Isla – pastilles based on Icelandic moss extract for quick relief of symptoms in inflammatory
diseases of the vocal cords, help to moisturize and restore the mucous membrane of the throat.

Isla has a protective (envelop and moisturize the mucous membrane), antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects.

Isla is approved for use by adults and is indicated for laryngitis, hoarseness, hoarseness of the voice and people whose profession is associated with increased vocal load or work in adverse climatic conditions (cold, heat, dust, etc.). Isla also helps relieve dry, irritating coughs, including those of allergic origin.

Isla – for hoarseness, hoarseness and dry, irritating cough

Key ingredients:

The drug “Isla-Moos” is developed on the basis of the following components:

  • active substance (80 mg) - icelandic moss (water extract);
  • additional ones – E414 (gum arabic), E905 (liquid paraffin), E150c (sugar color III), sucrose (424 mg per 1 lozenge) and purified water.

How To Use:

Dosage depending on the age group of the patient:

  • Adults and adolescents – no more than one lozenge should be taken once. If necessary, you can use the drug hourly. The maximum daily dosage is 12 lozenges.
  • From 4 to 12 years – one time to take no more than one lozenge. You can use the drug no more than once every 2 hours. The daily rate should not be more than 6 lozenges.


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