Hairgrow Solution 5% 50ml

HairGrow Minoxidil 5% Hairgrow?directly stimulates cells in the hair follicles and?hair growth?ending effective treatment for hair loss.

  • محلول نمو الشعر 5% 50 مل
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    Hairgrow Solution 5% 50ml

    This 5% topical solution if used once or twice daily can treat hair loss by promoting new hair growth of lost hair. Hair today and hair tomorrow.Plenty of hair for grabbing and twirling. This solution directly stimulates cells in the hair follicles and promotes hair growth ending effective treatment for hair loss and improved hair texture.

    Key features

    • Increases blood flow around follicles
    • Nourish the hair and scalp
    • Prevent premature greying
    • Helps to reduce hair fall.


    • The emergence of a clear effect requires daily administration for a minimum of four months.

    How to use

    • Hair grow is applied to the dry scalp.
    • The recommended dose is 1 ml (8-s puff) twice daily, applied to the affected areas.
    • Do not rinse immediately.


    • Unisex
    • For all hair types



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