Hairgrow Solution 5% 50ml

HairGrow Minoxidil 5% Hairgrow directly stimulates cells in the hair follicles and hair growth ending effective treatment for hair loss.

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Hairgrow Solution 5% 50ml

Has Proven To Stimulate Hair Growth When Applied Topically In People With Alopecia Androgenetica “Male Pattern Baldness.” In the treatment of male pattern baldness, minoxidil’s precise mode of action remains unknown. However, to see hair growth, you might need to apply it twice daily for 4 months (or more). Following the discontinuation of the drug, relapse to pretreatment appearance may occur after three to four months.
The Normal Intact Skin Poorly Absorbs Minoxidil. Approximately 1.4 percent of the dose might enter the bloodstream. Clinical trials, though, did not reveal any systemic effects.

Method Of Application

  • Direct The Pump Spray Nozzle To The Required Area Of The Scalp.
  • Press The Pump Once And Spread Hairgrow With?Fingertips To Cover All The Area.
  • Repeat For A Total Of 8 Times To Apply A Dose Of 1ml Of Solution.
  • Do Not Use A Hair Dryer To Speed Up The Drying Of Hairgrow Because This Will Decrease Its Effectiveness.
  • Wash Hands Thoroughly After Application. For External Use Only.

Recommended Usage:

1 ml twice a day, applied to affected areas. The maximum daily dose should not exceed 2 ml.


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