Ecrinal Ampoule 5Ml 8S


Ecrinal ANP 2 Ampoules are an excellent solution for hair loss. It features new plant based ANP 2 , Macadamia oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and protects cells from oxidation.



Increases hair growth and improves the firmness of the roots

Hair will be visibly stronger, thicker and recover its vitality

Nourishes and adds shine to the hair

Ideal for both men and women

How To Use

How to use:

Apply an ampoule part by part in scalp, avoiding the hair._x000D_

Gently massage the scalp. After 20 minutes of massage, rinse with the Ecrinal ANP based shampoo.

For a deeper treatment, it is possible to leave the product in overnight.

The initial treatment is as follows: Apply one ampoule every other day the first 2 months. Apply one ampoule every three days the third month.

Full treatment with 5 boxes.

Please read the enclosed instructions carefully before use.


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