Gum 1612 Proxa Trav-Ler Interdental, 1.4 Mm

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GUM 1612 Proxa Trav-ler Interdental, 1.4 mm

  • 1 Pack of 4 Brushes.
  • Healthy Gums. Healthy Life..
  • SUNSTAR GUM TRAV-LER PROXABRUSH removes plaque between teeth to help prevent gum disease. With flexible neck for easy access to all interdental spaces..
  • Antibacterial bristle protection keeps the brush cleaner between uses. (Patented Chlorhexidine-coated bristles.).
  • Brush length (with handle in ready-to-use setting) is approx. 3.75 inches or 9.5 cm.
  • Imported from USA.
  • Sunstar GUM Trav-ler Interdental Brush 1.4mm Cylindrical #1612
  • Flexible Neck


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