Glycerin Infant Suppositories 5’s

  • تحاميل الجليسرين للأطفال 5 تحاميل
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    Glycerin Infant Suppositories 5’s

    Glycerin?Suppository belongs to a group of medicines called laxatives. It is commonly used in premature infants to stimulate the passage of meconium and improve feeding tolerance. This product helps in Softening and lubricating fecal material with consequent relief of constipation effectively. It helps to excrete waste materials from the digestive system. This medicine works by its mildly irritating action promoting emptying of the bowels.

    How to use

    • This product is for rectal use only.
    • If you are helping a child use this product, have the child lie on their side with the lower leg straightened out and the upper leg bent toward the
    • Using your finger, gently insert the suppository into the rectum, pointed end first.
    • Hold the buttocks together for a few seconds. Then, have your child stay lying down for 15 to 20 minutes if possible to keep the suppository from coming out.
    • Wash your handsbefore and after using this product.
    • If the suppository is too soft to insert, chill it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes or run cold water over it before removing the foil wrapper.
    • Do not use this product more than once daily unless otherwise directed by your doctor.


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