Gengigel Hyaluronic Acid Mouthrinse contains hyaluronic acid that is obtained from non-animal substances through a biotechnological process. This method guarantees a high degree of purity. Hyaluronic acid is naturally active in the mouth tissue regeneration process. Research shows that hyaluronic acid (Gengigel) speeds up the speed of the healing process of inflamed or otherwise affected mouth tissue. Gengigel?? thus improves periodontal treatments. Gengigel has good adhesion to the mucous membrane so that it stays where it is applied. Gengigel is safe to use since no contraindications with other medicines or side effects have been demonstrated. This means it can also be used by children, pregnant women and the elderly without restrictions. By using the natural sweetener xylitol, Gengigel is also suitable for diabetics.



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