Filorga Optim Eye Contour 15ml

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Filorga Optim Eye Contour 15ml:

  • Eye cream to treat black circles, swelling and wrinkles
    It works intensively to treat wrinkles and puffiness around the eyes and relieve dark circles together that make the eyes look tired and distorted.
  • A refreshing and refreshing combination that works to reconstruct the lines of the eyes. This skin care product is made from the original combination of three-effect ingredients on the eyes:
  • Anti-black circles: A unique compound that reduces dark circles by enhancing the removal of pigment deposits that cause the halos to appear darker.
  • Anti-bloating: A formula consisting of three active ingredients that promote lymphatic circulation to reduce the swelling of the lower eyelids of the eyes.
  • Anti-aging: NCTF poly repitalizing compound corresponding to NCTF used in medications and which treats skin toughness

How to use:

  • Apply Filorga Optim Eye Contour Cream 15Ml daily gently to the lines of the eyes (morning and evening). Keep in a cool place like refrigerator to improve its effect on skin tightening.


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