Farsali Jelly Beam Illuminator Highlighter 15ml

Applies like jelly and sets like a powder, leaving skin with a wet-satin finish that doesnt slip. Concentrated pigmentation allows for customized glow. Ideal for all skin types. This concentrated and constructible structure pigments from the natural? glow, to the shaded shading, and every side of lighting.

How to use:

  • Apply it in your face before place the makeup ,
  • Traditional Highlighter: To start, prime skin with FARSALI Unicorn Essence (and, if desired, apply makeup as usual).
  • Swipe Jelly Beam to high points of cheek with a finger, and blend out with finger (using a patting motion) or brush.
  • Can also be applied to collarbone and shoulders for extra pop Customized, Luminous Foundation: Apply foundation on the back of hand, or on a mixing palette. Add a pea sized amount of Jelly Beam to foundation, and mix until combined. Apply mixture directly to face using your preferred foundation application method for dewy luminosity. Natural, Full Face Glow: Take a pea size amount of Jelly Beam into palm of hand, and add 1-3 drops of Rose Gold Elixir. Rub palms together until mixed. Pat gently all over damp face for an all-over illuminated, natural glow. Proceed with makeup application if desired. Candlelit Eyes: Apply Jelly Beam on full lid using fingertips for a glowing gaze or apply to the center of the lid (on its own or on top of eyeshadow) to make eyes pop. Using a brush, apply on the inner corner of eyes for an extra shimmery stare. Lip Topper: Slightly tap finger into Jelly Beam, and swipe onto center of lips (on top of lip color). Blend in a patting motion for pouty, full-looking lips. Mix a pea-size amount of Jelly Beam with gloss to create a shimmering top coat. Full Body Glow: Mix a pea size amount of product (or more, depending on the level of shimmer desired) with Rose Gold Elixir and apply on body (arms, legs, shoulders) for all over glow and full body hydration.


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