Eucerin Repair Foot Cream10% Urea 100ml

  • كريم ترميم القدمين من يوسيرين 10% يوريا 100 مل
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    Eucerin Repair Foot Cream 10% Urea 100ml:

    • Eucerin Urea Repair PLUS 10% Urea Foot Cream gives very dry rough feet the intense moisturization they need.
    • It contains a unique combination of ingredients ? Urea Ceramide and other Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMFs) ? which bind moisture in and repair skin?s natural protective barrier to prevent further moisture loss.
    • The formula has been clinically and dermatologically proven to deliver immediate relief and intense long-lasting moisturization delaying dryness and roughness for up to 48 hours. Skin feels smooth again and thickened skin and callouses are reduced.
    • The foot cream is suitable for those with mature skin and skin conditions such as Xerosis Diabetes and Psoriasis. It can also be used for adjunctive care.

    Key Ingredents:

    • Urea Ceramide and other NMFs

    How to use:

    • Apply daily in the morning and evening on clean and dry feet with Gently massage the skin especially the heel of the feet until completely absorbed.
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