Deep Heat Pain Relief Patch 1’s

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Deep Heat Pain Relief Patch 1s:

  • Thin and easy to apply, these adhesive patches provide up to 16 hours of targeted, soothing, temporary pain relief of Back Pain, Muscular Aches or Pain, Joint Stiffness, Sports Injuries including Strains and Sprains.
  • Great for smaller areas and on flexible joints. Comfortable to wear, these odourless patches apply directly to the skin and can be worn under clothing to provide all day relief, so you can?Get Back in the Game.
  • Deep Heat Patches?work by increasing blood flow to the affected area providing more oxygen and nutrients to aid the healing process and helps restore movement.


Muscular Aches or Pain
Back Pain (including Lumbago)
Joint Stiffness
Neck and Shoulder Pain

  • SUSTAINED – up to 16 hours of pain relief
  • ODOURLESS – great for work or social occasions
  • FAST – activates in 60 seconds
  • TARGETED – apply direct to painful area
  • EVERYDAY FRIENDLY- use 2-3 times daily (as required)

How To Use:

  • Use?on clean, dry skin.
  • Tear open the plastic packet, remove the protective film from?patch?and?apply to affected area.
  • The?patch?activates within 1 minute and will?heat up within 5 minutes providing penetrating warmth for 8-16 hours.
  • Once removed it can continue to provide pain relief for a further 8 hours.


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