Cosval Sanotint No-2

The only do-it-yourself colour containing Golden millet and vegetable extracts that colours your hair without damaging it. The product has very low allergy risks.

  • كوسفال سانوتينت رقم 2
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    Cosval Sanotint No-2

    Cosval Sanotint No-2 has natural care ingredients that are combined with a very low percentage of a maximum of one percent of synthetic colors to permanently cover gray hair and achieve an enormous variety of colors keeping hair healthy, soft, and bright and ensuring perfect coverage of hair.


    • Extracts of golden millet, olive, birch, and grape seed, as well as biotin and calcium pantothenate for brilliant and long-lasting coloring.
    • It keeps the hair healthy, smooth, and bright.
    • It’s the only ready-to-use treatment that colors your hair without damaging it.

    How to use

    • Easy to use
    • Apply all over for 30 mins.
    • Rinse off with water like a shampoo.
    • Could be used as multiple applications.
    • This product has very low allergy risks
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