Additiva Magnesium 300mg Sachets 20’s

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Additiva Magnesium 300mg Sachets 20’s

Magnesium salts found in a natural source of magnesium are in their purest form and are perfect for replenishing magnesium and fluid volume in the body. 20 3.7 g per sachets are included in the packet. Magnesium is essential to the health of the human body since it keeps the muscles, nerve cells, and metabolism all functioning properly. Magnesium and group B vitamin deficiencies can occasionally be brought on by poor nutrition, dieting, rapid weight loss, excessive alcohol use, and excessive effort. Nerve issues, exhaustion, cramping, and other symptoms are possible as a result of stress.


  • enhances nerve and muscle function
  • natural source
  • scrumptious lemon flavor
  • provides a tasty flavor



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