Acuaiss Eye Drops Single Dose 20S

  • Acuaiss قطرة للعين جرعة واحدة 20S
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    Acuaiss 20×0,35 ml?????????contains hyaluronic acid which provides greater lubrication,
    relieving immediately the sensation of dry eye or annoying eye.

    Sodium hyaluronate is a constituent of the ocular structure which has the property of stabilizing the tear,
    achieving greater ocular comfort and decreasing the sensation of dryness.

    These drops are ideal for:

    -Dried eye (poor production of tear)
    Conjunctival injection
    -Red eye
    – Sensation of discomfort and burning after a long period of use of a computer screen,
    after watching TV or reading intensively (tired eyes).

    Compatible with the use of contact lenses.

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