ACM Vitix Tablets 30’s

Vitix Tablets is an original formula combining a patented melon extract with a group of vitamins (C, E, B9 and B12) and minerals (Selenium, Copper and Zinc). Vitamin C, vitamin E, Copper and Selenium help protect cells from oxidative stress.

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ACM Vitix Tablets 30’s

An Unique patented? formula VITIX tablets contain an original patented plant-derived active ingredient EXTRAMEL melon extract ?(Cucumis melo L.) ,a part from its potential antibacterial? and antiviral activities, ?bitter melon extracts are also? found to be effective for the treatment of inflammation, psoriasis and skin pigmentation disease. In combination with vitamins (C, E, B9, B12) and minerals (Se, Cu,Zn) work synergistically.


  • help protect cells from oxidative stress.
  • Supporting food supplement for use together with ViTiX gel to prevent and reduce damage to the skin pigment.
  • Systematic use of antioxidants will keep the amount of free radicals in an organism on a physiological level.
  • playing an important part in the prevention of skin diseases which develop due to oxidative damage caused to proteins and lipids (loss of pigment in skin).
  • effective for the treatment of psoriasis

How to use:

  • Use daily for at least 6 months along with Vitix gel for white pigment spots.
  • For best result, use together with ViTiX gel


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