Vitrunova Iron 10mg Ferrous Sulphate Caps 30’s

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Vitrunova Iron 10mg Ferrous Sulphate Caps 30’s

CureSupport owns the trademark VITRUNOVA, which has its own line of liposomal capsule medicines. All liposomal capsules are created using the Aktin Technology and are proven to have the highest bioavailability through testing. One form of iron is ferrous sulphate. Iron is incorporated into your body’s myoglobin and hemoglobin molecules. Your blood’s hemoglobin provides oxygen to your tissues and organs. Your muscle cells can store oxygen thanks to myoglobin. Anemia caused by a lack of iron is treated with ferrous sulfate.


  • One capsule each day, with a glass of water before dinner, unless otherwise directed by a healthcare provider. Don’t take more medication than is advised each day.


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