Vitabiotics Feroglobin Original Capsules 30’s

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Vitabiotics Feroglobin Original Capsules 30’s

Feroglobin Capsules are a mild iron supplement that also contains zinc and B vitamins. They are designed to be easy on the stomach and to provide the body with the right amount of iron. To avoid too much iron in the stomach, Feroglobin is made with a specific slow release delivery method. It makes ensuring that the nutrients needed to create blood are released gradually and uniformly.


  • effectively sources essential nutrients for the formation of blood.
  • made with the stomach in mind.
  • maintains vigor, health, and energy release.


  • Take with a main meal and swallow with water or a chilled beverage. Not for chewing. Don’t consume more than is advised. To be consumed only on a full stomach. You can keep taking Feroglobin capsules as long as necessary.


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