Valupak Multi Vitamin & Iron Tablets 50’s

Valupak Multi Vitamin & Iron One A Day Tablets are useful nutritional supplements to help aid your immune system, fight tiredness and help with growth and development.

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Valupak Multi Vitamin & Iron Tablets 50’s

Valupak Multivitamins & Iron are essential to the efficient functioning of the body and its systems, providing the building blocks for enzymes, hormones and such like which help to control the many chemical reactions which occur continuously in the body. Iron forms part of the haemoglobin in the blood which helps transport oxygen to body tissues.

These tablets provide a range of vitamins including Vitamins A, C and D which help support immune system function. Vitamin E which contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress together. It also contains B Vitamins which help release energy. The Folic Acid (Vitamin B6) and Vitamin B12 helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue.



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