Threptin Diskettes 200G

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Threptin Diskettes 200G:

Threptin supplies vital protein of high biological value and is, therefore, valuable for those who, due to illness or faulty dietary habits, do not take sufficient amount of protein daily. It is easily digested and well tolerated, supplies adequate calories for the efficient utilization of protein. Used as a supplement to a diet consisting largely of cereals and vegetables. For better utilization of protein, Threptin should preferably be taken twice or thrice daily, 3-5 diskettes at a time.

  • Energy food
  • Enriched with proteins and vitamins
  • The meal between the meals
  • Easily digested and well tolerated
  • Supplies adequate calories for the efficient utilization of protein
  • Makes up qualitatively and quantitatively, the protein requirements of both children and adults

How to use:

  • Hunger appeasing : 3 -5 pieces of threptin taken at 11 am or 4 pm will reduce that in between meals hunger and exhaustion common to housewives, school going children and business or professional men and women.
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