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SVR Xérial Peel Exfoliating Foot Mask One Pair

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SVR Xérial Peel Exfoliating Foot Mask One Pair

A sock mask that exfoliates and moisturizes the feet for a new skin effect in one single application. Thanks to its high concentration of keratolytic and emollient ingredients, this product has a double action: exfoliates and hydrates. Its absorption technique allows to target the rough and thick areas, like the sole of the feet and calluses, preserving sensitive areas. Effortless to use, the sock-like foot treatment targets the rough and thickened areas of skin whilst protecting sensitive areas, sloughing away dead cells and replenishing vital moisture. Suitable for dry and rough skin. Free from parabens and fragrances.

How to use:

  • Wear SVR Xérial Peel Exfoliating Foot Mask for one (1) hour and then rinse thoroughly.
  • Use every three months.


  • 15% exfoliant complex (with glycolic and lactic acids), Urea, Green Tea, Rockweed, Horsetail, Clematis and Ivy Extracts.


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