Pigeon Streamline SN PP Bottle 150ml

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Pigeon Streamline SN PP Bottle 150ml

The Pigeon Streamline SN PP Bottle 150 ml (26651) is a practical and reliable choice for feeding your little one. This bottle is made from safe and durable polypropylene (PP) material, ensuring it is free from harmful substances and safe for your baby’s use. The streamline design provides a comfortable grip for both parents and babies during feeding time. The bottle’s nipple (SN) is designed to offer a natural and familiar feel, promoting a smooth transition between breastfeeding and bottle feeding. The soft and flexible teat allows for easy latching and encourages proper oral development. With a convenient 150 ml capacity, this bottle is perfect for newborns and younger babies, ensuring they receive the right amount of nourishment. Pigeon Streamline SN PP Bottle is a trusted choice for parents seeking a practical and safe feeding solution for their little ones, making feeding time a joyful and stress-free experience.


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