Pic Self Fix Elastic?ÿ Bandage 10cmx4m

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Pic Self Fix Elastic Bandage 10cmx4m:

  • Elastic fixing bandages are indicated for applying several dressings and Pic Solution has a wide range of elastic bandages to suit all needs
  • A self-adhesive elastic bandage for quicker and easier application.
  • With its latex microparticles, the bandage is self-adhesive without sticking to skin or hairs.
  • With no need to use plasters or tapes, its provides light support for the joints.
  • Bandages used to hold your dressings in place.

  • Keep dressings firmly fixed to any part of your body.
  • For comfortable fixing.
  • Hold dressings in place, but are also ideal for light support of sprains and contusions
  • Soft, compact, highly stretchable.
  • Quick and easy to apply and remove, and without a separate closure. Sticks to itself, not your skin or hair.

How To Use:

  • Please refer the user manual.


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