PharMaxxi Super Vitamin D 10,000IU Tablets 30’s

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PharMaxxi Super Vitamin D 10,000IU Tablets 30’s

Each pill of Pharmaxxi Super Vitamin D contains 10,000 IU of cholecalciferol. The vitamin D3 precursor cholecalciferol is created when sunlight contacts human skin. Numerous health advantages, such as promoting a strong immune system, a healthy nervous system, and a cheerful attitude, are supported by cholecalciferol. In addition to being crucial for the health of bones, teeth, and muscles, vitamin D plays a crucial function in the absorption of calcium. Darker skin, excessive sunscreen use, or insufficient sun exposure can all contribute to vitamin D insufficiency. For optimum health and wellbeing, vitamin D supplements are essential. Vitamin D insufficiency can result in bone discomfort, muscle weakness, and weariness.


  • Supports a strong immune system and may improve mood
  • Encourages Bone and Joint Health.
  • Promotes colon and breast health

How To Use:

  • Use as prescribed by a healthcare practitioner or as a dietary supplement by taking 1 tablet daily..


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