Paranix Headlice & Eggs Shampoo 100ml

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Paranix Headlice & Eggs Shampoo 100 mL:

Paranix Extra Fort Anti-Lice and Nits Treatment Shampoo 200ml is indicated in the treatment of lice and nits, to eliminate 100% of lice, larvae, nits in a single application of 15 minutes.

Without insecticide, this shampoo is suitable for everyone from the age of 2 years old. Tested under dermatological control, its Osmolone-based double action formula works at all stages of the development of the louse and eliminates the larvae, nits and adult lice.

Its extra strong non-greasy formula associated with detangling agents washes the hair and facilitates the detachment of nits. The hair is clean and free of lice and nits.

How to use:

  • Check dry hair lock by lock for head lice using the enclosed fine toothed anti lice comb
  • Apply enough shampoo evenly onto dry hair. Be sure to cover all the hair and scalp
  • Massage well from the roots to tips paying particular attention to the neck and behind the ears. Wait for 10 minutes
  • Add enough water to the hair to work up foam. Wash and rinse the hair thoroughly. Be sure to rinse everything out
  • Before drying the hair, comb thoroughly with the Paranix anti lice comb to remove the lice and eggs. Regularly clean the comb
  • Repeat the treatment after 7 days
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