Omron C-801 VVT Kit

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Omron C-801 VVT Kit

The Omron C-801 VVT Kit is a compact and user-friendly nebulizer designed for effective aerosol drug delivery.

The excessive performance Virtual Valve Technology (V.V.T.) nebulizer chamber from Omron adapts in your respiratory and suits your respiratory pattern. This generation reduces wastage whilst respiratory out and maximizes drug availability while respiratory in.

It offers a simple one-button operation and a low noise level, making it suitable for use by both adults and children. The compact and lightweight design of the Omron C-801 VVT Kit enhances its portability and allows for convenient use at home or during travel.


  1. Efficient Medication Delivery: The VVT technology in the nebulizer optimizes drug delivery, ensuring more of the medication reaches the targeted areas in the lungs. This increases the effectiveness of the treatment and reduces the amount of medication wastage.
  2. Suitable for All Ages: The nebulizer’s user-friendly design and low noise level make it suitable for use by all age groups, including children and elderly individuals.
  3. Compact and Portable: Its small size and lightweight construction make it easy to carry around, allowing patients to receive their medication anywhere, anytime, providing greater convenience and adherence to treatment plans.
  4. Easy to Use: The one-button operation and clear instructions make it simple to use, even for those who may not be familiar with nebulizers.
  5. Ideal for Respiratory Conditions: The Omron C-801 VVT Kit is specifically designed for respiratory conditions like asthma and chronic bronchitis. It helps provide quick relief from symptoms like wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath.


  1. Cleaning and Maintenance: Regularly clean and disinfect the nebulizer according to the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent contamination and ensure optimal performance.
  2. Medication: Only use medications prescribed by your healthcare provider and follow their recommended dosage. Do not mix multiple medications in the nebulizer unless explicitly instructed by your doctor.
  3. Supervision: Children and individuals with certain health conditions may require supervision during nebulizer use to ensure proper administration.
  4. Storage: Store the nebulizer in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight when not in use.
  5. Battery Usage: If the nebulizer is battery-powered, ensure that the batteries are appropriately inserted and have enough charge for use.
  6. Consultation: If you have any concerns or experience adverse effects during nebulizer treatment, consult your healthcare provider promptly.

Remember to follow the specific guidelines provided by your healthcare professional and the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure safe and effective use of the Omron C-801 VVT Kit.


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