Omron M3 Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor

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Omron M3 Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor:

  • The Omron M3 comfort is a clinically validated blood pressure monitor that makes it easy to keep track of your hypertension at home
  • From Omron, the number one recommended brand by cardiologists for home blood pressure monitors in Europe
  • Omron?s unique Intelli Wrap Cuff takes away the hassle of cuff placement on the upper arm ? giving accurate blood pressure measurements in any position around the upper arm
  • Cuff wrap guide and body movement detection indicators help you to avoid common mistakes that can cause inaccurate blood pressure readings
  • The M3 Comfort can be used by two separate users a guest and stores up to 60 blood pressure readings per user
  • Easy-to-use Intelli Wrap Cuff : Wrap the cuff at least one finger above your elbow line During inflation, the cuff wrap guide will signal if the cuff is on correctly
  • One button operation : Press “START” to take a reading, and the cuff will begin to inflate as it measures your blood pressure
  • Clear to understand results :With your measurement, M3 Comfort will indicate if you?ve moved too much, have an irregular heartbeat or hypertension
  • Take action for a healthier future: Monitoring your blood pressure regularly can help you find the positive changes in your day to day life to keep your heart healthier for the future

How To Use:

  • Please read the instruction manual carefully before use
  • The first measurement should be in the morning before eating or?taking?any medications, and the second in the evening Each?time?you?measure??take?two or three readings to make sure your results are accurate
  • Your doctor might recommend?taking?your?blood pressure?at the same?times?each day


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