Novexpert Smoothing Toning Mist, 100ml

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Novexpert Smoothing Toning Mist, 100ml

A toning spray with anti-aging active ingredients, also used for refreshing and makeup-setting benefits. Oily and combination skin types will enjoy this lightweight texture in the form of micronized droplets while dry skin will benefit from the round-the-clock Hyaluronic Acid “boost”. The diffuser preserves total hygiene and ensures cost-effective, practical use by eliminating the need for a cotton pad. A hybrid product developed for round-the-clock use.

How to use:

Keep 30 cm away from face, close eyes and spray 2 or 3 times in a circular way to cover all the face. Leave for 10 seconds and gently pat dry. Use morning, evening and all day long.


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