3M Nexcare Sheer Bandages 50’s

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3M Nexcare Sheer Bandages 50’s

Nexcare Assorted Sheer Bandages are made from a soft material that conforms to your body. Adhesive seals around the pad provide an optimal healing environment that promotes healing and helps prevent infection. Latex-free to avoid allergic reactions. Nexcare Active Waterproof Bandages are designed to provide what active people want in a bandage; cushions, protects, is flexible & sticks to damp skin, during sports or hot, humid conditions. The unique diamond shape fits hard-to-cover body parts.

3M Nexcare Sheer Plastic Bandages have breathable sheer and water resistant material which protects from wound contamination.

  • Water resistant material
  • Breathable sheer material

How to Use:

  • Remove the coverings on the adhesive part of the bandage
  • Place the padded gauze section of the bandage directly over the wound
  • Attach the adhesive part firmly to the skin surrounding the wound


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