Martiderm Black Diamond Skin Complex Ampoules 10’s

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Marti Derm Black Diamond Skin Complex Ampoules 10’s

Skin Complex Ampoules is an innovative formula based on the Smart Aging Philosophy The synergistic effect of Proteum 89 and Vitamin Complex boosts, maintains and protects Vitamin C, delaying its oxidation This combination enhances skin beauty recovering A moisturized, illuminated and young-looking skin Enriched texture to obtain a soft and silky skin

This combination doubles vitamin C absorption, increasing its antioxidant potential, brightening the skin immediately and lasting all day long, thanks to its long-lasting effect The result is firmer, well-moisturized, supple skin It also stimulates the skin’s own proteoglycan production

Key Ingredients:

  • B5, panthenol, which soothes and softens the?skin;
  • F, omega-3 fatty acids, essential for the?skin?to retain its moisture;
  • E, tocopherol, a powerful antioxidant;
  • A, retinyl palmitate, which is antioxidant and is also able to stimulate collagen synthesis

How to use:

  • Shake the ampoule lightly
  • Support the ampoule on a at surface and place the EASY OPEN device on it, pressing gently until you hear a click
  • Remove the EASYOPEN device and the top of the ampoule Position the dispenser on the ampoule up to the line
  • Tip half the content into your hand and apply
  • Store the ampoule on the base, placing the lid on the dispenser


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