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Luderma Plus Cream

AED 150

Luderma Plus Cream:

  • Luderma Plus cream is an advanced brightening cream with a unique formula to give you a naturally even tone that makes your skin looking even brighter.
  • Refrain from using if you are sensitive to any of the ingredients.
  • Daily Depigmenting Cream reduces hyperchromias, sun spots, melasma, drug-induced or post-inflammation (acne) hyperpigmentation and, due to its smoothing action, it contrasts dull, uneven tone.

How To use:

  • use the optimum amount, once or twice a day covering all  darkened area of skin
  • avoid getting the cream on the surrounding skin or in your eyes
  • apply the cream with a cotton bud, or wash your hands thoroughly before and after applying the cream
  • avoid touching the treated area against another person’s skin for at least a few hours after applying the cream
  • use sun cream to protect your skin from the aggravating effects of sunlight


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