Lavera Basis Sensitiv Moisturising Hair Shampoo 250ml

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Lavera Basis Sensitiv Moisturising Hair Shampoo 250ml

For dry hair and sensitive scalp types, Lavera Basis Sensitiv Moisture & Care Moisturising Hair Shampoo has an especially gentle recipe. It offers a soft cleaning without dehydrating the user. Quinoa and organic aloe vera deeply moisturize the scalp. The shampoo makes hair more manageable and produces a subtle lather. There are no silicones, liquid or solid microplastics, artificial colors, or preservatives in this product (as defined by the EU Cosmetics Regulation).


  • exceptionally moist
  • makes hair more manageable
  • The best personal care is certified natural.
  • A new hair care product gently lathers and makes combing your hair much simpler.

How to use

  • everyday usage Apply the recommended amount to the Hair, then massage the Hair. Apply lukewarm water to rinse.


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